Monday, June 7, 2010

One Friday Night...

Hello! I recently decided to re-paint the half bath in our house. I painted if before we moved in but my husband and I never really liked it! Those of you who know me know that I am kind of thrifty so I decided to re-decorate this while spending as little money as possible. Obvisouly the paint was going to cost me but I set out to find inexpensive decorations and a new purpose for a few things I already had but was no longer using. Look around, I bet you do too!

This picture is the "before." I swear the walls are not yellow, they are tan but the teal color looks better here than it ever did in person. I know what you're thinking, smallest bathroom in the world! Yes, I know, but it does the job it was designed for :)

I didn't get started till about 8:30 Friday night after garage saleing, ball games and a trip to Wal-Mart with my friend Kayla. When I start something new, I jump head first and wait to hit my head on the bottom, fortunately here I was able to keep swimming and nothing went terribly wrong! I chose a color that I have never painted before- WHITE! Very unusual for me, but I was happy with the results.

Before you see the finished product, here are a few of the thrify projects I came up with! I bought this crazy looking thing at Goodwill for $.99. I think it use to hold CD's, but who has CD's anymore? But I bet it could hold toliet paper like a champ! However, I wanted all black so I spray painted it. What do you think?

The next 2 things I bought at Goodwill and the Dollar Tree. Of course, they needed to be black! Caution: Check the soap pump before you paint it. Unfortunately, after painting it, I cannot get the soap pump to work! Strike 1!

I bought the red flower from Wal Mart for a few bucks and just like that I have a new flower display for under $6 bucks!

These pictures are the wall decoration. I bought 3- $1 frames at Dollar Tree and of course- painted them black! I used Google images to find some black and white images of the Eiffle Tower. Wal Mart printed them for me and here they are! Look closey, one the pictures even has a girl with a red coat- how cool is that!?

Note: The pictures are only a 4X6 but the frames are 5x7 so I left the back off so you could see the color of the wall come through. Very easy to do!

Not so old anymore! This basket used to be a trash can and it almost made it to the dumpster! For whatever reason I saved it. A few coats of black paint (& primer- Thanks Nicole!) and it looks great holding the magainzes! What is a bathroom without some reading? :)

Green mirror+black paint= whole new life! Anyone that lived with me in college probably recognizes this mirror. It has had more "home" addresses than most people do in a lifetime! Note to self:if you want males to hit the toilet while standing up to pee, do not put a mirror behind the toliet where they can look at themself.....

And for the final product....... Tadah! By the way, I didn't finish till Saturday morning! :)